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What should I do if I want to apply for my child to attend the school?

Nursery Admissions

Settle CE Primary School run its own teacher-led Nursery and will accept all children,  both in and out of catchment,  on a first come first served basis from three years upwards once they have registered with the school and their intention to take a place has been confirmed with the Nursery teacher/Headteacher. Please phone the school office for more information. 01729822019

The school uses the following criteria if over-subscribed:

  • Nursery 2 children - these children are given first priority and include those children who will turn fours years old during the academic year in question (the academic year being from 1st September through to 31st August) and are getting ready for Reception. 
  • Nursery 1 children - these are children who during the academic year in question may turn three. We are able to accept these children starting the term after their third birthday BUT ONLY if it is deemed by the Headteacher that there will be sufficient places.

Note:The school has been committed to make provision to offer 30 hours free entitlement to working families . In order to honour this provision, and because of limited spaces, we must give priority to Nursery 2 children but are usually able to cater for families of Nursery 1 children when their time comes around.

Reception Admissions

Children are admitted to Reception in accordance with the policy of North Yorkshire County Council.

Please note that it is the duty of the parent to register online with North Yorkshire County Council online if you wish to apply for a place.

Registering interest with the school is not enough. Any application MUST go through the authority.

Visits to the school are always welcome and Mr Wright , our Executive Head Teacher, will always try to be available to meet new families.

Please contact the school office on 01729 822019 for further details or to make an appointment.

All Reception aged children will join the school from September, though transition arrangements to allow for pupils with special educational/medical/personal reasons may be arranged subject to personal circumstances and agreement with Mr Wright.

As a Maintained School, North Yorkshire's Education Department deals with applications for Reception admissions.

Providing that you live within North Yorkshire, have registered with a local doctor, you should automatically receive information about the admission process. NYCC prefer on-line applications and the school office can help with this if you are having any problems.

To pursue an online application:

Telephone 01609 533679 or go to www.northyorks.gov.uk/admissions 

In Year Admissions:

Year 1 to 6

For families moving into the area, or for children changing schools during the year, in-year admissions to the school are dealt with by North Yorkshire  County Council at www.northyorks.gov.uk or telephone the In-Year admissions team on 01609 533679

Parents wishing to view the school are warmly welcomed. Please telephone the school office on 01729 822019

Admissions appeals for Settle Primary School can be read here.