We begin in the Autumn term by learning about Ancient Greece in History and Space in Science. We link our Literacy to Ancient Greece by learning about, and writing our own myths and legends. In Geography we learn about Modern Greece and Ancient Greece comparing the land and the way of life, including democracy.

In the Spring Term we take part in the 'Rivers in our Classroom' project in which a tank is placed in the classroom and we are given trout eggs. We watch the eggs hatch and develop into Alevin, Fry and then Parr before we release them into the River Ribble and learn about the journey they will take. Alongside this, to broaden our knowledge, we learn about Rivers. We identify their courses and features and begin to understand their purpose in our lands. Our trout project lends itself to be learnt alongside the Life Cycle of plants and growth.

In the Summer Term we will learn about World War Two which is always a popular topic and has many opportunities for us to write in a range of genres linked to wartime. 

Our Art, DT, ICT and Music lessons are taught within these topics.  In addition to these subjects we have weekly RE and French lessons. PE will take place every Wednesday afternoon and a range of sports will be covered.