Welcome to new Year 1 parents

Reward systems

In Class 1 we reward good behaviour with stickers and each time your child gets a sticker they will also get to choose a bead for their own tube.  When your child has collected 10 beads they will be ‘Star pupil’ for the day.  This comes with special privileges, such as sitting on the special cushion, their photograph displayed in the photo frame for the day, wearing the ‘star pupil’ badge, and standing at the front of the line, along with any ‘special jobs’ there may be on the day.


We will continue with KIRFs from next week and test your child on the same day every week.   KIRFs form an important basic understanding of numbers and counting on which to build further during the year.  It is important to practise regularly with your child at home.  It is important not to try and rush through KIRFs as we need the children to have a firm understanding of the various number facts and be able to apply them to different situations.  Little but often is a good approach.  If your child is confident with the KIRF then they can try some of the mastery activities or use them as a guide for ideas for other things you can do.  Please make sure your child’s KIRF book is kept in their book bag every day at school and when it is their test day please put the book in the blue KIRF tray in the classroom.  See last page for the KIRF weekly timetable.

Show and Tell

Each Monday we have ‘show and tell’ which is an opportunity for children to share special events or work they have done at home, no toys thank you.  Each house team will take turns each week so please see timetable on last page to see when it is your child’s turn.


In Class 1 we continue teaching phonics each day and introducing new sounds/graphemes.  In Year 1, in the Summer term, children have to take a statutory test which assesses their reading and phonic awareness.  At school your child will get lots of practise at sounding out words, being able to recognise various graphemes in words.  Therefore, it is very important you support their learning by reading regularly at home and helping them to read words themselves.


Each Friday your child will be issued with a small set of spellings to learn and these will be linked to sounds they are learning in Phonics in class.  Two ’tricky words’ will also be included (in the bottom shaded boxes).  They will then be tested on the following Friday. 

Guided Reading

Guided reading will start next week.  Your child will be provided with a special plastic folder to keep their books in at all times, this will also help to keep them together in their book bag for easy access.  When it is your child’s day for guided reading they will need to place their bag in the red tray in the classroom on arrival in the morning.  Please see timetable on last page for guided reading days.

**Please keep all reading books and reading record book in your child’s book bag everyday at school, as we often have reading helpers who will listen to your child read and therefore need their books easily accessible.  Thank you.**


Year 1 and 2 children will have P.E. every Thursday afternoon.  There will be 3 groups (mixed year groups) which rotate throughout the afternoon, having opportunity to take part in 3 different activities each week. 

We hope whilst the weather is still fine to get the children outside as much as possible.  Therefore, please could you make sure your child has a sensible, named, P.E. Kit containing the following:

shorts & t-shirt

trainers (Velcro fastening please so children can be independent)

jogging bottoms (for when it gets cooler)

a jumper (other than their school jumper as it might get a little muddy!)

Snacks and water

Your child needs a healthy, named snack everyday (fruit or vegetables - due to various allergies in school) and a water bottle.  Both are important to help aid concentration and keep up energy levels.


Normally in Class 1 homework consists of reading, spellings and practising KIRFs.  However, now and again there may be a small task which will be requested to support work to be done in class.  We also ask that each week you help your child complete a weekend diary.  This is to help them write their ‘news’ each Monday morning.  We often find that children struggle to remember what they have done over the weekend and as a result can get frustrated when it comes to writing something.  We are going to start off simple, so please write just one thing for each day (just one word, not a sentence) they have done that they could write about.  Thank you.

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