Class Six


In Year 6 our teacher is Miss Thompson (who is also our Maths and ICT Coordinator). We also have the support of Miss Segger and Mrs Shortreed, who work mornings. Miss Segger also works specifically to offer extra support for mathematics during the afternoon sessions. With all the extra support, we try to make sure all the pupils achieve their full potential.


We are very lucky to have a brand new classroom that is full of bright furniture, complete with a new interactive whiteboard, laptop and 10 iPads! We have our own ‘Starbooks’ coffee shop themed reading area, separate learning area outside the classroom, lockers and even our own toilet and changing room.

In Year 6 we cover a range of challenging and creative topics, including Shakespearean Suspense, War and Conflict, The Magical Mystery Tour, Wild and Wonderful and finally, Lights, Camera, Action!. STEM activities are embedded in our curriculum in Year 6, where we carry out a range of woodwork projects including: catapults and levers, electric time travel buggies (pulleys and motors) and moving fairground rides. We also do lots of work using more advanced ICT programmes such as Prezi presentation software, Garageband for music projects, iMovie for literacy work and VEX robotics for programming. We will take part in a range of art, dance, drama and music activities to support and enhance the rest of the curriculum. We have afternoon sports every Wednesday, which includes coaching and sports tuition from expert coaches in a range of disciplines including: rugby, cricket, football, hockey and netball. Please see the curriculum section on this page for a more detailed overview of the work covered in Year 6.

Performing Arts

We hire out the Richard Whiteley Theatre each year for our end of year school play, assisted by Year 5 pupils. Children experience a  real theatre with proper lighting and sound equipment, including wireless head mics. The infamous Helen Howard supports the dance choreography and pupils have opportunities to perform solo singing roles too. We have performed the following plays to date:

Summer 2013

Summer 2014

Summer 2015

Summer 2016 Summer 2017

Coming soon...

Summer 2018!

This is a very special occasion where friends and family are invited for pre-theatre drinks and a post show party!

School Trips/Real-Life Learning

We sit our SATs in numeracy and literacy during the summer term and will be encouraged to follow a simple program of revision at home to support this. Pupils are provided with professional  homework folders and Settle Primary School homework planners to help them to organise their homework. We also provide an after school homework club, run by Miss Segger (currently on a Thusrday from 3.30-4.30pm), where children have access to computers, ipads, books, study guides and other resources - free juice and biscuits included! Please see the homework section on our class page for further information.

Year 6 is all about hard work, learning to manage and organise ourselves in preparation for secondary school and, most importantly: real-life, creative and fun learning opportunities!

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