This Term's Topics

In Autumn, our topics include Shakespearean Suspense ‘ and ‘War and Conflict’.

Numeracy: Core curriculum work on number, place value, calculation, fractions, decimals and percentages. See the mathematics section on this website for further details.

Literacy: suspense stories based on Macbeth, drama, spooky poems, instructions, persuasive writing, war diaries and work on class novels: The Witches, Macbeth, War Game, Hacker and more!

Science: circulation, heart dissections, pulse rate and keeping healthy, classification and animals.

History and Geography: History of the Globe Theatre, buildings and structures around the world, World War One and maps.

Art: Trees inspired by Kandinsky, clay heads, War themed art looking at work by Lowry and Picasso.

DT: Monster felt toys and catapults.

ICT: iMovie film trailers and Prezi presentations.

Music: Macbeth themed songs, spooky music and preparations for ‘The Big Sing!’.

PE: Rugby,dance plus lots of other opportunities for athletics and multi sports. Lessons will be adapted to fit the weather!

French: ‘Le Monstre’ (basic vocabulary revision, monsters and parts of the face, creating mini stories in French). ‘Le Cadeaux’ (Christmas presents, opinions and basic conversation).

RE: Buddhism, stories, symbolism, mindfulness and meditation.

In Spring, our topic is 'The Magical Mystery Tour' 

Numeracy: Core curriculum work. See the mathematics section on this website for further details.

Literacy: Persuasive writing on imaginary hotels (based on the Yellow Submarine floating hotel) and Dragon's Den project. Ongoing grammar work.

Science: Electricity and light (research on the history of electricity, making Christmas tree light circuits, investigating wire length, applying to DT project followed by how light travels and periscopes...and maybe some eye dissections!)

History: we will be studying post war Britain and the 1960s, The Beatles, and will be studying Liverpool and the Docks as part of our Geography work.

Art: we will study artwork from a variety of pop artists, including: Peter Blake, Roy Lichenstein and Andy Warhol.

DT: design, make and decorate electric time travel buggies

ICT: programming using VEX robotics

Music: Music by the Beatles, Film music and motifs, Garageband composition project

PE: Hockey, netball, badminton and fitness and football

French: Au cafe (food and drink, basic communication)

RE: How people express their faith through the arts.

In summer, our topics include 'Wild and Wonderful' and 'Lights, Camera, Action'.

Literacy: Grammar revision, flashback stories, 'The London Eye Mystery', poetry, our favourite memories and using playscripts/drama.

Numeracy: Maths revision, Maths in art and maths projects.

Science: Interdependence, adaptation and evolution

History and Geography: getting out and about in our local area, famous London landmarks and human geography, London residential, history of Parliament and the Great Fire of London.

Art: Felt making based on the local environment. Making and decorating props for the play.

DT: moving fairground rides based on the London Eye.

ICT: Movie trailers for the school play using iMovie, Minecraft design a city project.

Music: singing and performance

French: Au cafe (food and drink, basic communication)

RE: How people express their faith through the arts.

PE: Sports day and mixed fun sports, cricket and rounders, football and athletics.

For further details, please see the attached long term plan.