Our Weekly News - 14th June 2018 - Cocoons!

This week something amazing happened in Nursery!  Our caterpillars have formed their cocoons!  The children were so excited to see the cocoons hanging from the top of the tub.  We now need to let the cocoons harden before carefully transferring them to our butterfly house!  

We have talked about all different kinds of minibeasts this week, and how we can sort them into groups.  We thought about minibeasts with legs and without legs, and with wings and without wings.

We have also read a story called the Lonely Beast.  We talked about all the things that could cheer the Lonely Beast up and the children came up with some super ideas, like giving him a bunch of pink flowers (we decided his favourite colour is pink), playing with him and going for a walk with him.

We have looked for minibeasts in the Woodland, worked with Reception to make up our own fruit song in French and performed our own minibeast compositions in music. 

We have also turned ourselves into little butterflies this week for our special Father's Day cards!  We hope all the daddies and grandpas have a fabulous day on Sunday!

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