Our Weekly News - 11th May 2018 - Princesses and Knights

We began this week by sharing our Bank Holiday adventures and showing our friends our Tapestry photos. We are getting so good at telling our classmates about our news confidently and clearly. We then looked at our castle picture and spotted lots of familiar characters. We spotted St George rescuing a princess from a dragon. We thought what it was like to be a knight and made our own armour and designed our own shields. We also spotted a sleeping princess, we decided it must be Sleeping Beauty. We read the story Sleeping Beauty before sequencing pictures from the photos. We made pointy princess hats and we enjoyed retelling the story through the song ‘There was a princess long ago’. We also spotted Humpty Dumpty in the picture - we sang the rhyme to remind us what happened to Humpty! We thought about ways to make the wall safer and how to transport Humpty to safety. Some of us did some super designs and were lucky enough to spend time in the schools woodwork workshop with Miss Entwistle. Over the coming weeks other Nursery children will get the chance to visit the workshop.  In French we continued to learn the names of our family members, and we played ‘lotto’ to help us learn them. I wonder if you can remember any? In Baking Betty we enjoyed making breadstick and chocolate sprinkles magic wands!  Next week our theme will be the Royal Wedding.

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