Our Weekly News - 24th May 2018 - Transport

We began the week by making a list of as many different types of transport as we could.  We then started to talk about Cars and their features.  We looked at the number plates on cars and decided to make our own number plates, using our names and ages.  We tried hard to write our names carefully using our froggy fingers.  Some of you decided to put your number plates on your toy vehicles at home, and they looked great!  We also talked about the different ways we got to school.  We learned that some people come in their cars and other people walk.  We decided to make a graph to find out how many people walked to school and how many came in the car.  You all drew your method of transport on a small piece of paper and decided which column your pictures needed to go in.  We found out that more people come to school in their cars than walk.  On Wednesday we listened to a song version of the story The Train Ride.  We made a list of all the things the little boy saw on his train journey and talked about train journeys we had been on.  Some of you then helped me make a really long train, putting the numbered carriages in order.  Some of you also decided to make your own 'train ride' pictures and build your own railways.  We have also decorated our own hot air balloons this week.  We watched a video that taught us what makes hot air balloons float in the sky, and we looked at all the different colours and shapes hot air balloons can be, before making our own and hanging them from the classroom ceiling.  Also this week we have made the most of the lovely sunny weather outside, enjoyed making traffic light biscuits in Baking Betty, and we have listened to the Wheels of the Bus in song.  I wonder if you can remember the word for 'bus' in French?!

Next week is the half-term holiday and we hope all our families have a super time (and that this sunny weather continues!).  We look forward to hearing all about what the children have been up to when we return, week commencing Monday 4th June.  

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