Our Weekly News - 4th May 2018 - Castles

We began the week by looking at pictures of different castles and talking about their features such as drawbridge and moat. We then spent the week recreating the castles in different ways, from painting to junk modelling and using the big blocks outside.  Some of us even built sandcastles in the sand!  We have talked about the names and features of 2d shapes this week and thought about where we might see these shapes out and about.  We used shapes to create pictures of castles.  After dough disco this week we made a 'c' for castle using our play dough before having a go at writing  'c' using our froggy fingers pencil grip. Also this week we have thought about families in French and learned a song to teach us the words form mummy, daddy, brother, sister and baby in French and in a Baking Betty we made jelly baby biscuits.  Next week we will continue our work on castles, focusing on Knights and Princesses. 

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