Home Learning

There are a number of different ways we ask parents to help support their child's development at home.


Each week the children have a guided reading session in school in small groups where they read a book together and then discuss different elements around the book. We ask for the children to share their books at home during the week with their families as this helps to support their reading skills. Children each have a home/school diary to record their home reading.

Tiny Tubs

In Reception each child has a 'Tiny Tub' which contains sounds and words to learn linked to the phonics they have been doing in school. The children can then play games at home which will help them to apply their skills in school.


Each child has a KIRF (Key Instant Recall Facts) Workbook which helps them to practise their mental maths skills at home. We now focus on one KIRF per half term for each year group, with all pupils focusing on the same KIRF. This will be reinforced and practised within school time during maths lessons and any other opportunities. The KIRF Workbook gives examples of mastery activities so pupils can apply their KIRF skill once they can recall the key fact to provide them with further challenge. These will be assessed three times throughout the half-term.

Numicon Home Sack

Each class has a Numicon Home Sack to borrow which helps the children to develop their mathematics skills. Numicon is the resource we use to help children to understand number and arithmetic by using a set of colourful plastic pieces representing number ideas. Each Numicon sack contains a series of activities and games for parents and children to play at home for up to 15 minutes at a time. By doing some of the activities in the bag, parents can reinforce what the children are learning at school.

Year 1 Spelling Challenge

The Year 1 children have a weekly spelling challenge to complete where they practise writing words that are linked to their phonic work and also some key tricky words for them to learn. They are tested each Friday morning which is when we all do our handwriting work as a class.