Our Weekly News – 19th April 2018 – Frogs and The Frog Prince

We have had a great first week back after the Easter holidays and it was lovely to hear all about what you have all been up to and share so many photos from Tapestry. The children really enjoyed talking about their holidays. We did some sentences about what we had been busy doing remembering all of the features when writing a sentence including capital letter, finger spaces and full stops. We were all absolute whizzes at this and I think all the chocolate eggs we have eaten this Easter have really helped us with our tasks this week.

Our story of the week has been ‘The Frog Prince’ and we loved hearing about Princess Poppy and her tale of finding true love (the frog). We retold the story and then had a comprehension quiz to see which team could answer questions about the story and remember the most details. The girls were victorious!!

We have then read an information book about the lifecycle of a frog. We were very interested in learning about the different stages from frog spawn to tadpole, to froglet to frog. Some of us then created our own lifecycles whilst others wrote some information about what they had learnt.

In Maths we have used our frog theme to help us learn about addition using part, part, whole models and other methods to help us such as numberlines and Numicon. Some of us are even starting to construct our own number sentences with the signs + and =. Next week we shall focus on subtraction.

In Music we used our frog theme to help us start to read music. We used a frog to represent one beat and a tadpole to represent two beats. We used our rhythm sticks to help us read the pictures to make our own tune. We shall continue to learn to read music this term.  


SWIMMING ON FRIDAYS – Please check Tapestry for your child’s swimming dates. Group 1 will be starting tomorrow. Year 1 will go every week.

CYCLING EXPERIENCE – Tuesday 1st May + Wednesday 2nd May

OUR THEME FOR NEXT WEEK – We shall be finishing off learning about FROGS and shall be learning about PETER RABBIT.


In this lovely weather please ensure that your child comes to school with suncream already applied and if they bring a sun hat please ensure this is named. We have many spare sun hats for the children to use. If your child’s cream needs reapplying at lunchtime then please let us know and they will need to put it in their drawer each morning. Fingers crossed this beautiful weather stays with us for a while.

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