Weekly News – 26th April 2018 – Frogs, Jeremy Fisher and Peter Rabbit

At the end of last week Group 1 had a lovely time taking part in their swimming lesson at Settle Pool. It was amazing to see their great swimming skills.  It is the turn of Group 2 tomorrow.

At the beginning of this week we had a few frog related activities still to complete so in MATHS we played a game called Take Away Tiddlywinks. We have been learning about subtraction and had to roll a dice to show us how many we needed to take away. The winner was the one to remove all of their tiddlywinks. We have continued to learn about subtraction for the rest of the week and learnt how we can use number lines, Numicon and pegs to help us work out some subtraction problems. We have all become whizzes at subtracting.  

In LITERACY our story of the week has been ‘Peter Rabbit’. We enjoyed reading the original story as well as recalling the film that many of us had seen over Easter. We were all very familiar with the story that we created some story maps and stories of our own, all becoming authors and illustrators – just like Beatrix Potter. We have been doing lots of creative and independent writing and mark making and it is just wonderful to see the children being so focused and engaged in activities.

During our CREATIVE afternoon we went on a Spring walk to see what signs of Spring we could spot. We saw lots of daffodils so on our return to the classroom we decided to explore the pastels to create our own daffodil pictures. We enjoyed exploring the different shades and effects of pastels. We have also been like Beatrix Potter and used watercolours to paint some of her pictures. We are enjoying using different art mediums to create new effects.


SWIMMING ON FRIDAYS – Please check Tapestry for your child’s swimming dates. Group 2 will be going swimming tomorrow. Year 1 will go every week.

CYCLING EXPERIENCE – Tuesday 1st May + Wednesday 2nd May

OUR THEME FOR NEXT WEEK – Next week we are going to have a week of learning about our own LIFECYCLE linked to BABIES and CYCLING!!

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