Tapestry is our ‘Online Learning Journal’ system. We use this to record the development of each child in the class through creating observations which can then be shared and viewed by parents and members of the family at home. Each parent creates their own secure password which allows them to access their child's journal on their home computer, IPAD or phone. Parents are able to make comments on the observations and engage in discussion with their child about their learning by looking at photos and videos from school at home. It is also wonderful that parents can add their own observations at home which we then share in school.

All members of the team in the EYFS have an IPAD allowing them to record children's progress through adding observations. We can then assess children's learning, making links to the EYFS Curriculum. Once an observation is saved and completed an email is then automatically sent to parents/carers so they are informed that an observation has been added.

Each parent will receive a Tapestry Policy and will be required to sign a consent form when their child starts at the setting and these forms can be seen below. We love Tapestry and parents love it too. Here are just some of the comments we have had in the past about our Online Learning Journal System.

- I am really enjoying looking through Tapestry and seeing what my son is doing as he doesn’t tell us much. It is very encouraging for me to see him joining in with activities and playing with the other children. He also enjoys sitting with me and his Dad and talking to us about the different pictures on his journal when we show them to him.

- Tapestry is excellent. Really good to find out what my daughter is doing at school.

- Tapestry is a really user-friendly tool – great for Grandparents too! Really good to see activities at school. I haven’t uploaded photos yet but intend to – which is much easier than having to print photos out! The time you all put in doesn’t go unnoticed – with pictures uploaded and weekends and evenings! It is much appreciated.

- We find it really useful and interesting to be able to see what our son is doing at school in the photos as well as learning about what he is getting upto. It helps us to plan activities at home which link in with his school learning – Thank you!