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You can support your child at home in a number of ways:

  • EYFS/KS1: Encourage your child to develop their subitising (recognising a number of items on sight) and basic number skills by playing on Numbots, using the website or the app. Logins will be provided by your child's teacher.
  • KS2: Encourage your child to practice their times tables using Times Table Rockstar games, using the website or the app. Logins will be provided by your child's teacher.
  • For younger children, you can borrow a 'Numicon at Home' sack.
  • For pupils in Year 6 preparing for their end of Key Stage 2 SATs, you can use their study guide and lessons to help them complete homework task on MyMaths. This will soon be rolled out to children from Year 1 upwards.
  • You can help children look at practice questions for both Key Stage One SATs (Year 2) and Key Stage 2 SATs (Year 6)
  • Play games at home (see attachments below from our recent parents' evening on how to support your child at home, including slides from the evening)
  • Try to promote a positive attitude to maths at home. Avid saying 'I was rubbish at maths!' and encourage children to keep trying. Praise them for working hard and being resilient, rather than just for getting the right answer.
  • Look for opportunities to to use maths in everyday situations, e.g. time, timetables, calendars, baking, measuring, etc
  • We will sometimes send small booklets to work through at home to help prepare children for new topics (and as a revision from the previous year)
  • If you have a child in EYFS or KS1 and want additional ways to support at home, we have put together some KIRF sheets (see this section) that can help practise early number skills. We no longer test the children on these in school as we have replaced this with the use of Numbots and Times Table Rockstars, but we have kept the on the website as an additional resource that can be used at home.

If you would like further help with ways to support your child, please do not hesitate to come into school and talk to your pupil's class teacher or go and chat to Miss Thompson, our Maths Subject Leader.