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We believe engineering is an important aspect of primary education.  It is important for children to realise how much it is used in everyday life.  We want to encourage children to develop important life skills through a rich variety of engineering projects in school.

'Engineering Habits of Mind' are now embedded in our Creative Curriculum (skills for life).

Children are provided opportunity to develop skills to critically evaluate, use reasoned arguments and think creatively . They are encouraged to be open minded and are able to consider a variety of ideas and opinions. Teachers provide daily opportunities in planning to: investigate, create and develop, communicate, evaluate.

Children have opportunities to make plans and models (3D and electronic) to show their ideas. We encourage them to work well as part of a team and communicate their point of view, whilst taking into account the views of others. Children across school have opportunities to use basic woodwork skills, using tools safely, ask questions and verbalise their own point of view. We emphasise the following Engineering 'mantras':

I check and check again, improving my work, until I am happy.

I work hard and practise to get better, even when it’s tricky.