School Performance Data

Settle CE Primary School performance data is often at least in line with national and regional expectations and many of our pupils will exceed results attained nationally and regionally. 

Early Years data shows that children at Settle CE Primary School tend to make very good progress from their entry point at Nursery and achieve a good level of development that is broadly in line with national expectations.

Our Phonic results in Year 1 have exceeded national and regional results in each of the last three years.

Our Key Stage One results have been on a par or exceeded national and regional performance in 12 out of the last 14 years, despite there being frequent changes in assessment expectations.

In Key Stage Two,  our results have generally been in line with national and regional levels in the  5 years we have done the tests showing a consistent strength in the area of Writing (before this time our school was in a Middle School system and did not have a Year 6).

In 2018 Mathematics was considered a strength of the school and progress made during this year resulted in a congratulatory letter from our MP Julian Smith.