Reception Admissions - September 2018

The school has been informed of Reception admissions for September 2018 and parents should have been notified by the authority as to whether their application has been successful or not.

While we are delighted that the school is such a popular choice for parents in the North Craven Area, we are nonetheless genuinely saddened to learn that a number of our children, who have been with us since Nursery, have not been issued a place. 

Please note that there is an authority appeals process if you wish to appeal the decision.

Though the school is  not directly involved in the admissions process of selection, we would like to support all those families who have been placed in this situation. It may well be that there is little the school can do to affect the decision, however we do not want any of our parents to feel abandoned or for their situation to be ignored by the school. We will help where we can and offer advice as appropriate.   Please contact the school via Mr Wright , our Headteacher for further information or support.