Weather Warning - Be prepared!

Dear Parent/ Friend of the School ,

Please find below ( also see photo )Met Office advice for the Yorkshire and Humber region. 

The much talked about, and anticipated, blast of freezing, and snow laden air from the Arctic and Russia is about to start it’s journey across the North Sea towards us. 

The Local Authority has asked schools to make the community aware of the unusual weather conditions that might be coming and to be prepared!

The resulting impacts this week are likely to be of a level rarely experienced in the UK, especially so late in the Winter season.

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, the snow showers will become heavier and more widespread. 

From that point onwards, through all of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we’ll have frequent, heavy snow showers and sub-zero temperatures. 

Lightning is also a possibility in the heaviest showers for those venturing over to the east coast. 

The impacts will be sporadic at first, and determined by the unpredictable nature of the shower distribution. As time goes by, and the showers begin to affect us all, the impacts will become more widespread and worsen. 

We’re likely to see road, rail and air transport disrupted, with some routes impassable due to the drifting snow. 

Communities may become cut off, especially in more rural areas. Stranded vehicles and passengers may result. 

Families at Settle Primary need to be aware. We will post bulletins on this Facebook site and our new website.

Due to the unusually low temperatures, low lying, urban centres are expected to be more seriously affected than is often the case. 

Despite the powdery nature of the snow, we may see impacts to the power supply network. 

Anyone outdoors without appropriate clothing will be prone to hypothermia. As previously mentioned, livestock will be at risk (thinking especially about lambing season here).

We cannot stress enough, how unusual this coming weeks weather is expected to be. We often have warnings and quite often things are not as bad as predicted however , please be prepared as advice to schools has been to take these warnings very seriously and to share the message on. 

We encourage people to take care with travel after Monday and to keep up to date with weather forecasts and travel advice.

We have a number of weather warnings in place now:

Yellow Warning of Snow – Medium likelihood, low impacts, valid from 04:00 to 10:30 on Monday. Covers parts of the Humber Region (snow showers giving a light covering elsewhere as well, but less likely to cause any impacts.

Yellow Warning of Snow – Low likelihood, medium impacts, valid all day Tuesday, covering all of our region.

Amber Warning of Snow – Medium likelihood, medium impacts, valid 04:00 to 11:00 on Tuesday, covering The Humber Region, Redcar and Cleveland, the east of North Yorkshire and South Yorkshire.

Yellow Warning of Snow – Low likelihood, medium impacts, valid all day Wednesday, covering all of our region.

Amber Warning of Snow – Medium Likelihood, medium impacts, valid 04:00 to 21:00 on Wednesday, covering much of North Yorkshire and NE England.

As a reminder here is a link to the impact table for snow

Beyond Thursday, it looks as if an area of low pressure may try to push up from the southwest into the cold air, resulting in widespread, heavy snowfall, combined with strong winds resulting in blizzard conditions. The details for this are still very uncertain though, especially how far north the snow would spread, and whether any milder air succeeds in displacing the cold air. That’s several days away though, and as the forecast firms up, we’ll keep you up to date as appropriate.

We hope this information is useful to you. Be prepared, take care and keep informed by checking with the school website, Facebook pages and Met Office links. 

Settle Primary will always endeavour to stay open and there are sufficient local staff to keep a service going in even the harshest conditions. However transporting children to and from the school needs to be given careful consideration and plenty of time allowed for journey time, taking weather conditions into account. 

Please make sure children are properly wrapped up warm -with a thick winter coat and ideally gloves and scarf. 

Thank you for reading.