Mr Samuel Woodrow


A warm welcome to our new teacher Mr Samuel Woodrow, who is working alongside Mrs Ambrose and Mrs Smith and shall be covering Mrs Ambrose's throughout her maternity leave.Mr Woodrow has made a great start to his new role and has offered to provide a school football club each Friday at the school. Due to the dark nights we will be starting the club a little earlier than usual, so that it runs from 3pm - 4pm.

Because of this early start, the club will of be FREE for all the children taking part. Further details, including start date, will be shared shortly.

Please note that places will be limited, so if interested be sure to complete and return your consent slip asap when it comes out. Mr Woodrow is a qualified football coach and he will be charged with managing the school football teams in the Spring and Summer term, when we resume competitive fixtures with local schools.

Welcome to the school Mr Woodrow!