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Three pupils are quietly listening to the teacher

Aims and Values

Our Vision statement:

“Settle Church of England Primary School and Kirkby Malham Primary School Federation provide a place where all children are Loved, Valued and flourish to achieve their potential”.

Together we will:


Be the very best people that we can be.

Make our school and our community the best place to study and to live

Encourage everyone to do and to achieve their very best

Rise to challenge and always give our best effort


We have courage to believe in ourselves and each other

We believe that life is to be enjoyed and we will make the most of all the opportunities that are presented to us

We believe we should try our hardest to live in peace and harmony with each other

We believe that we can create a better world


Provide a safe, caring community in which we will act with fairness, forgiveness and compassion, treating others as we would like to be treated.

We Care about friends and family and are thankful for all who help us

We Care about others and are polite and courteous, listening to and respecting each other

We are careful with our choices and are always responsible and truthful

We care about the greater good and put others before our personal needs

We care about difference, are respectful of all try to see everyone’s strengths

Crucial to achieving this the school will encourage the concept of life-long learning and working in partnership:

Learning for Life

  • Ensure that all children experience success and that the curriculum is ‘experience led’
  • Provide the highest quality of teaching and learning for ALL
  • Make learning, challenging and enjoyable and foster the development of important life skills
  • Use a variety of teaching and learning styles within a curriculum which is creative, broad and balanced, making effective use of a wide range of resources
  • Monitor and evaluate our performance, as we aim to continually raise standards
  • Inspire children to be passionate about learning.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

Working in Partnership

  • Develop an active learning partnership between our federation of schools
  • Work in collaboration with our families, the diocese and the wider community
  • Foster an atmosphere that encourages personal and professional development for everyone at school
  • Help all children to become responsible citizens with a positive multicultural awareness

The school works in partnership with the church at parish and diocesan levels to:

  1. Provide the framework, encouragement and resources for all pupils to achieve their potential within a supportive Christian culture and atmosphere;
  2. Increase the self-confidence and self-esteem of all pupils and provide them with opportunities to develop their own values, interests and talent.
  3. Foster in our pupils the skills, knowledge, values and experience needed to make informed life choices.
  4. Foster an atmosphere of tolerance, understanding and respect for the rights, aspirations and cultures of others that mirrors the school’s Christian Foundation and beliefs
  5. Ensure that when pupils leave the school they are able to contribute positively to their surroundings
  6. Ensure the school operates to effective and highly efficient financial standards

To achieve these aims we;

  1. Provide a broad and differentiated curriculum that offers a wide range of knowledge, skills and experience relevant to individual needs as well as fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum, Foundation Stage and Christian Foundation.
  2. Develop a strong sense of being an inclusive Christian community in which all pupils feel valued and are encouraged to achieve the highest standards possible.
  3. Establish and practice a policy of using praise and rewards in order to recognise and encourage the achievements of all pupils
  4. Ensure that staff are supported and valued and that the commitment to appraisal and staff development is maintained
  5. Develop links with other schools, colleges and organisations in the wider community
  6. Create a pleasant working environment and ensure that the school is equipped and resourced to the highest possible level within the constraints of the school Budget
  7. Monitor the quality of provision in and across the school on a regular basis
  8. Monitor the methods and processes for dealing with finances on a regular basis and in line with the Financial Management Standard in Schools
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