Year 3 PE
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Year 4 Gymnastics
Year 4 Gymnastics


At Settle Primary School we believe that physical education is fundamental to ensuring our students are healthy, both mentally and physically. Sport develops self-confidence, resilience and team work, which give our students important life-skills, as well as instilling the importance of focusing on their well-being. 


At Settle CE Primary school, our subject leader is Mrs Pearson, who is also our Year 4 Class Teacher. At Settle Primary, we believe that by ensuring a supportive and safe environment in our PE lessons, students are given the tools to have a positive relationship with health and fitness. We intend to deliver PE sessions that will inspire children to succeed in physical education and develop life skills. Through lessons such as swimming and orienteering, we indent to teach our children skills to keep themselves safe. We recognise the strong link between well-being and fitness, so our curriculum aims to teach values and disciplines to promote positive mental and physical health. We aim for our students to enjoy competition within sport, providing them with opportunities to thrive both in PE lessons and after school clubs. Activities promoting our Christian values including respect and helping others are incorporated into practice, to ensure children understand how to be team players. Our PE skills aim to develop fundamental skills, which our children can adapt to a range of sporting activities. Sports leaders are able to demonstrate stewardship and a passion for sport and have important roles within PE practice.


  • At Settle Primary School we ensure that the National Curriculum aims for physical education are covered. Lessons are planned ensuring fundamental skills are taught first. This is to ensure children have the key skills they need to become competent within their PE lessons.
  • We provide challenge for all abilities through a range of sports including strike and field games, net and wall games, dance, gymnastics, swimming, athletics and outdoor adventure.
  • Our long-term plan sets out which sports are taught throughout the year to ensure children are exposed to a wide range of activities.
  • Our PE lessons are delivered in key stage groups (KS1, LWS2, UKS2), this is to promote team work throughout year groups. Sessions are delivered over 1 afternoon per key stage group, ensuring 2 hours of PE per week minimum. These sessions are split into 3 groups, each delivering a different sport for the half term. This means that children are offered a wide range of sports throughout the year.
  • Professional coaches offer their expertise and are incorporated into the teaching of PE at Settle Primary School, either through PE afternoons or extra sessions. Local clubs deliver training of sports such as dance, cricket, rugby and tennis.
  • Children are encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities. After school clubs are on offer for children to enjoy and practice their skills.
  • Children are invited to attend competitive sporting events within the local area. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also mental well-being. These events also develop teamwork and leadership skills and are very much enjoyed by the children.
  • Each year a small group of Year 6 children are invited to become Sports Leaders for the school. They develop into sporting role models for the younger children, assisting with lunch-time clubs, our annual Sports day and any other Sporting activities.


At Settle Primary School children will develop confidence in a wide range of sports, underpinned through strong fundamental skills. We help motivate our pupils to participate and engage within sporting activities that will boost both physical and mental well-being. Our children will learn healthy competition and the importance of sportsmanship. We equip our children with the necessary skills to ensure they can enjoy the sessions and promote a love for sport. We hope that through our high-quality teaching, children will grow up to live happy and healthy lives, utilising the skills and knowledge they have learnt through PE.

Pupil voice questionnaires are delivered to students to show a true reflection of teaching practice. Teachers assess the progress of students within individual sports. A bronze, silver, gold assessment tool is used to so teachers are able to show and monitor progress throughout the key stages and identify possible needs for the recap of fundamental skills.

Settle Primary currently holds a ‘Gold Award’ for Sports Games.  School games provides a sense of belonging, enabling young people to develop their teamwork, communication, empathy and respect for others. We were also one of the first primary schools to receive an RFU School Development award. We are incredibly proud of this huge achievement. Rugby supports children to develop team work alongside understanding the importance of boundaries and responsibilities in sport. A number of our sporting teams have also represented the school in the North Yorkshire games and National events. We have a strong and proud sporting tradition that provides significant opportunities for all of our children, regardless of ability or gender.