We are the representatives from Class 2 – Class 6. Each September a School Council Election takes place in each class. Once elected we have the role of being the pupil voice for our class during the school year. Each class has a suggestion box which provides an opportunity for everyone in our school to share their ideas and give feedback. Suggestions are discussed at our School Council Meetings. Our aim is for every child to feel valued in our school and for their ideas to be heard in order to improve our school even further. We work together to put suggestions into action so that we can have a positive impact across the school.

Some of our implemented actions this year include:

- Clean Plate Friday – As an incentive to reduce food waste we have implemented a sticker scheme so that each Friday children who have a clean plate are rewarded with a sticker.

- Menu Choices – We have worked closely with the School Cook and have provided feedback and ideas for future menu choices.

- Wellbeing Week – We organised a special week for the school as part of Children’s Mental Health Week. Nourishing activities took place in each class including tree hugging, outdoor play, mindfulness, meditation and a focus on talking about our feelings using our school tool – Zones of Regulation