STEM open day
STEM open day
STEM open day
STEM open day - drones
STEM open day - drones

Settle-Carlisle STEM Studio based at Settle Primary School

Settle Primary School is working with a community rail partnership at Settle-Carlisle Development Company. Through this partnership, we have been able to access funding from the following:

  • Northern Railway
  • Cross Country Rail
  • Avanti
  • Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority
  • Community Rail Network
  • Settle Middle School Fund
  • Settle Rotary
  • Settle-Carlisle Development Company

This has allowed us to build a dedicated STEM studio within the school grounds, just a view minutes walk from Settle train station.

About the Studio…

The school uses this as a base for outdoor science and environmental work, design technology projects and other STEM related work. The studio has indoor and outdoor electrical sockets, wifi, computer and connected TV screen to display presentations etc, workbenches and 16 stools. There is also a large 6m long painting commissioned by artist, Stephen Waterhouse, that depicts the Settle-Carlisle line, including all the nearest schools along the line! Great to give the children a sense of place and belonging.

What does it contain?

The studio contains consumable DT resources for Settle Primary School use only on one side of the studio.

However, there are various resources and activities on the other side available for visiting groups to use, including:

  • 5 intelino programmable trains with tracks and additional wooden traditional brio track and accessories. (An app can be downloaded onto your own school devices to bring with you to access additional programmable features. See: However, there are loads of programmable actions you can do without this!)
  • Access to computer, Wifi and screen.
  • Large painting of the Settle-Carlisle line so groups can see route travelled along-a great visual resource.
  • Pencils, rubbers, felt tip pens, pencil crayons, A4 paper and scissors. Please provide any other consumables yourself!

What else can we access?

  • You will be able to access the far end of the school field, marked on satellite image on this page, which includes a stone seat and shelter for about 20 children, a grassed area plus access to the schools sensory garden with outdoor seating and outdoor musical equipment.. This can give your group time to have a play and get some fresh air.
  • First Aid Kit
  • Toilets (within main school building)
  • See also link to Woodmatters who the school uses regularly for amazing STEM/environmental activities if you would like to book a session with them, using the studio as your base.
  • A staff member from Settle-Carlisle will accompany you for the duration of your visit. NOTE: There is also a lovely park right next to the school with lots of play equipment and Booths supermarket with toilets in too.

How many people can the studio accommodate?

It is ideally suited to 16 pupils as we have 16 stools and 6 workbenches with 2 long worktops either end of the studio. This would allow them plenty of workspace to do any activities.

However, the workbenches can be pushed to one side with stools to create lots of floor space if a whole class wanted to gather inside together to eat lunch or watch something on the screen. They can then sit on the floor for any whole class input (or half on stools and half on the floor). There is also a large undercover decked area that can also be used in additional to further areas in the school grounds.

How do I book a visit?

Please contact Susie Payne from the Settle-Carlisle line directly on [email protected] if you would like to book a visit. The studio can be booked on a Friday during school hours. If your group really need another day/time, this may be possible, but please contact Susie who will liase with the school.