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Settle CE Primary School have developed a Curriculum Skills for Life to foster the child’s personal development and well-being, through a supplementary curriculum that reflect the needs of our local rural community and in which we promote important life skills that aid self-sufficiency, the development of Critical and Creative thinking, Self-Improvement, and inter-personal / social skills. The document highlights the complementary skills we try to embed alongside the day to day academic curriculum, in order to foster personal development and self sufficiency.

The Curriculum for Life document been updated Spring 2022, but will be further revised during 2022/23 to take into account an audit of mental health and well being provision by our Mental Health Leads (Mr Wright and Mrs Downham) and Partnership Well Being Team (Mr Wright, Mrs Downham, Mrs Drewery, Mrs Allen and our much loved, late colleague Mr Illingworth who contributed greatly to mental health and well being practice at the school in 2022).

Settle CE Primary School – Curriculum Skills for Life (Implementation)

The following areas are implemented by the class teacher and opportunities are made for them to be integrated into daily lessons as appropriate as evidenced through teacher planning, work scrutiny, learning walks and lesson observations:

  • Critical and Creative Thinking – including integrating the engineering habits of mind than run through our STEM studies
  • Self-Improvement and personal well -being and Safeguarding
  • Social skills

The area of self-sufficiency is implemented in part through internal expertise such as class teacher expertise, timetabling STEM activities with the STEM Leader /undertaking e-safety sessions with the Computer Coordinator.

However, in the following areas we may require outside expertise to be brought in to assist delivery in nominated classes. For example, in the areas of: Financial Skill Management, First Aid, Mindfulness and Mental Well Being, Swimming, E-Safety and Self Defence.

Some disciplines are scheduled for specific classes however depending on the National Curriculum programmes of study some areas such as caring for the environment and promoting British Values are ongoing in all classes.

Settle CE Primary School – Curriculum Skills for Life (Impact)

  • Innovating Minds Mental Health 'Excelling Award' 2022
  • Certification of individual competency awarded for individual achievement in the areas of Healthy Eating and Cooking, Financial Management, First Aid, STEM, Swimming, Cycling, Sewing, E-Safety and self -defence.
  • Nationally recognised certification for STEM and Computing – Rolls Royce Science Prize Finalists and winners (2018), Farmvention National Finalists (2019, 2020), Computing At Schools (CAS – 2019)
  • National Recognition for gardening and environmental awareness– Woodland Trust Gold Award
  • The celebration of topics and themes in school – through Praise Assembly and Collective Worship, the reduction in instances of poor behaviour and improved management through the development of a range of strategies to assist pupils who struggle with personal, social and emotional behaviour issues.

The Curriculum for Life document will be subject to annual review and refinement. It is designed to be an evolving document that complements the National Curriculum to ensure we cover a broad and rich curriculum that offers focus on a range of key life skills