Last week the children from Class 2, 5 and 6 had brilliant lessons from Dave from Northern Gas. Here is an outline of their learning:

KS1: Global Warming- global warming, climate change and how it is caused. 

KS2: Year 6: Greenhouse effect experiment & Atmosphere and Climate change- we looked at the current make up of the gases in our atmosphere and then looked back at how this has changed from the start of the Earth. We used a video and information for the pupils to build up a storyboard/report/poster that explains how the atmosphere has changed over the earth's life,we then looked at how we are increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the air and links into the carbon cycle. 

KS2: Year 5: Carbon Cycle and renewables- in this session pupils played a “game” around the classroom where they took on the role of a carbon atom and depending on their roll they moved to different parts of the carbon cycle, they recorded this.. From this we looked at the carbon cycle and then how our use of fossil fuel has altered the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We then looked at the chance to use renewable energy to help start to solve this problem.